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Why Upland USA?
Our patterns and manufacturing processes represent years of experience.  In addition, the many diverse projects we completed over the years provide us with sound problem solving skills with which to complete target objectives, organizational skills with which to schedule and meet deadlines, and communication skills with which to identify and focus on your needs.

Quality Materials:
We stock and have access to quality materials from suppliers who also have been in the business for years and can provide and recommend materials just right for your project.  We specialize in working with heavy nylon fabrics.

Quality Workmanship:

Quality materials are just part of what makes a quality product. Our workmanship that creates an end product of lasting quality includes multiple stitching at stress points for strength, double-stitched seams where appropriate, a minimum of six stitches per inch, taped seams where needed and an inspection program to ensure satisfaction.

We believe that part of customer satisfaction results from the feeling that the product and the purchasing experience represent value.  In addition to quality materials and workmanship and our other product and service features, we maintain our pricing at a fair level. 

Do you have an idea for a product but really aren't ready to go into production?  We are glad to help you work up a design, pattern and a prototype without any commitment for further production by us.

Reasonable Minimums:
If you don't require a large number of products, you'll be glad to know we are able to work with customers requiring VERY small quantities.  

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