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Over the years Upland USA has designed, manufactured and sold directly under the Upland USA label, a variety of products including:

Range Bags and Shooter's Bags: Range Case, Range Bag, Range Bag with padded main compartment, Large Range Bag, Large Range Bag with padded main compartment, Shooter's Bag, Shooter's Bag with padded main compartment, Carry-Lite Range Bag, Range Day Pack and LE Highpower Range Bag.

Pistol Cases: Pistol Pouch, Pistol Pouch with Mag Holders, Medium Pistol Case, Medium Pistol Case with handles, Large Pistol Case, Large Pistol Case with handles, Extra-large Pistol Case, Extra-large Pistol Case with handles, Pistol Case with Pockets, Bedside Pistol Case and Bedside Holster Hanger.

Rifle Cases: Gunvelope, Highpower Rifle Case and Scoped Rifle Case.

Shooter's Accessories: Handle pads, shoulder straps, luggage tags and snap pockets, 4 styles of magazine pouches, Cleaning Kit Pouch and Deluxe Cleaning Kit Pouch, Brass Bag and Brass/Ammo Bag, Eyewear Case Pocket, Bottle Carrier, Webbing Belt and Shooter's Belt Pouch.

Waterfowl Hunting Gear with Skyline Fall Flight™: Padded Shooter's Bag, Large Deluxe Gear Bag, Activity Gear Bag, and Floating Shotgun Case.  

Emergency Services Gear: Radio Harness, Compact Duty Bag, Duty Bag, Car Seat Organizer, Incident Command System Case, Turnout Gear Bag, Pulaski Sheath, McLeod Sheath, Fire Shovel Sheath, Fire Rake Sheath and Axe Sheath.

Day Packs and Fanny Packs: Cedar Ridge Lumbar Pack, Aspen Ridge Day Pack and Spruce Ridge Day Pack.

Belt Pockets: 7 styles and sizes of belt pockets including our Belt Pocket 1000, Accessory Pocket, Belt Pocket 1002, Belt Pocket 1004, Eyewear Case Pocket, Bottle Carrier, and Multi-Tool Belt Pouch.

Gear Bags and Athletic bags: Garment Bag, Medium Deluxe Gear Bag, Large Deluxe Gear Bag, Extra-Large Deluxe Gear Bag, Medium Classic Gear Bag, Large Classic Gear Bag, Extra-Large Classic Gear Bag, and Activity Bag.

Travel Bags: Organizer Kit, Ski Bag and Map Case.

Tote Bags: Classic Medium Tote Bag, Large Classic Tote Bag, Zippered Tote Bag, and Deluxe Tote Bag.

In addition to our Upland USA label products we have manufactured a wide variety of fabric products for other companies and individuals and were involved in many projects for customers throughout the country.  One-off, wholesale and custom projects include:

Car top carrier
Costume carrying case
Product Samples Carrying Case
Electronic Equipment Carrying Cases
Pet Beds and Pillows
Wheel Covers
Table Covers
Display Backdrops
Notebook and Book covers
Surveyor's Field Bags
Timber Cruiser Field Vests
Marine Emergency Kit Bags
Automobile Storage Bags
Bicycle Trailer Canopies
Tool Organizers
Large Moving Bags
Snowmobile and Jet Ski Covers
Equipment Covers
Boat Hatch Cover
Llama Panniers and Blankets
Saddle Bags
Children's Day Pack
Medical Equipment Bags
Physical Therapy Support Vests
Bedside Organizers
Decoy Carrying Bags
Pet Training Equipment Storage Bags
Pet Crate Covers
Sport Sails
Gun Cases
Law Enforcement Duty Bags
Helicopter Landing Zone Targets
Musical Instrument Cases
Martial Arts Gear Bags
Truck Strap and Chain Storage Bags 
Arm Slings
Fishing Tackle Bags
Fishing Wader Bags
Motocross Bike Covers
Dance Bags
Gymnastic Bags
Missile Storage Bags
Plate Carrier Vests
Grill Covers
Athletic Equipment Bags
Basketball Bags
Book Bags

Visit our to see some examples of our work. 

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