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We stock and have access to a wide range of quality materials.

Dupont Cordura® nylon fabric: 1000 denier Cordura® is a tough, heavy nylon fabric that resists abrasion, punctures, and tears, and is made from a high-strength, textured fiber.  It is urethane-coated to repel water.  Tests show that it is three times more durable than polyester, seven times more durable than ordinary nylon, and 14 times more durable than cotton.  It won't rot or mildew and is easy to clean and quick to dry.  We know this attractive yet durable fabric will give you many years of service.  We typically stock 1000 denier Cordura® in several colors.  Contact us to check on our current color inventory.

Other fabrics: We stock nylon pack cloth and several other roll goods.  Contact us for our current inventory.  

Zippers: We use heavy-duty nylon coil zippers that are made especially for the bag industry.  They are rust-free, work smoothly, and tend to be self-healing.

Thread: Our bonded nylon or polyester thread in a heavy weight of #92 creates super-strong seams for products that last and last.

Webbing and hardware: We use heavy polypropylene or nylon webbing for strong handles and D-ring straps and quality, engineered thermal plastic-injected molded hardware for trouble and rust-free closures and attachments.

Other materials are selected for their appearance, durability, and function as appropriate.

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